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विषय : धनबाद जिला के बाघमारा प्रखंड अंतरगर्त पथरगड़िया पंचायत के आँगन बाड़ी केंद्र कोड न० ३९९ पोषण सखी चयन में कम योग्यता धारी को चयन करने के सम्बन्ध में शिकायत पत्र

Kya mein postman me khilaaf shopper courtroom me situation karne sakti hoon, agar phir se mera letter galat tackle me gaya air khula hua aaya toh. Mujhe depth chahiye mere ko janna hai , manager me alaawa kaun hai Jo meri madad karega. Sir kya is scenario me mere ko paper indicator karna chahiye ya nahi.

In India,we've been accustomed to very long queues all over the place, be it at public rest room,bus stations,hospitals and also at cremation grounds.Important effective human life is squandered on undesirable roads or no roads, electric power and clear h2o in many areas of India.

An application for compensation involving the Demise of, or bodily injury to, folks arising out of the use of motor cars, is usually produced–

Reply Indian November 25, 2017 at seven:29 am BJP’s (MODI) demonization is really a beginning of Hitler rule in India. Just one place one particular political element one particular leader!! Who gained in demonization –> All BJP agents who could simply just lessen their black income space for storing by replacing a thousand rs notes to 2000 notes overnight (ex: Ambani, Adani, Jagon Mohan Reddy ex minister/MLA). Who dropped the value –> Prevalent person who died in standing in ATM and lender Queues, all opposition events who misplaced their money storage overnight. ALL MISSED Just one Simple Arithmetic –> to construct a solid tall Establish, fist we'd like potent stones (states). By this demonization all states lost their values and native area particular difficulties addressing capabilities. Making economically/politically very poor states is exact as a man with HIV (his immune technique is destroyed).

ज़्यादातर जानकारी के अभाव में लोग यह क्लेम सरकार से नहीं लेते हैं ।

But The reality is that. because three days there are no MAIDS are coming inside our advanced. you understand why ?? they all busy in standing from the ATM/Bank queue in generating black money into white of others so they get correct commission.

प्रखंड विकास पदाधिकारी और प्रमुख से स्पष्टीकरण मांग कर दोशी पदधारको पर उचित कार्रवाई करनी चाहिए, लेकिन जनसंवाद केंद्र के पदाधिकारीयो द्वारा दोशी पदधारको को बचाया जा रहा है ।

mera cm se nibedan hai ki kirpa karke har sarkari staf ko apna kam samaye pe karne ko boliye jisse pupils aur aam admi ko troubles na ho

is not going to have money by Sunday morning. You happen to be telling about the educational technique, there are actually great establishments and bad institutions

mukesh pandey December eleven, 2016 at two:19 pm

Where the identification of the autos is not really traceable these types of situations are called hit and run circumstances, a hard and fast compensation is presented into the victims from the Solatium Fund developed by The federal government. It must for that reason be demonstrated that id of the motorcar which prompted the incident couldn't be traced or ascertained inspite of acceptable efforts, that means therefore the accident should be proven to possess occurred on account in the victim getting strike by some unidentified automobile which strike him and ran absent.

and simultaneously ask the clients be patient until fifty days afterwards you will get superior class medical attentions?. So, you check here should don’t attempt to guidance Anyone blindly.

It’s the people who are.Allow the BJP do a self-introspection as for the integrity on the wide swarm of congresswallahas who are already accommodated in their occasion.That says everything!

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